We offer the unique opportunity to taste rare and vintage wines from some of the greatest vintages all around the world matched to a specially prepared degustation or set course menu.  Rare Wine Dinners brings together passionate wine enthusiasts, wine curious people and wine beginners from all over the country and world to partake in some of the most unique and rare experiences in vintage wine.  We are all about Rare vintage wines matched with exceptional food, exemplary service and attention to detail. Here on this website you will find photo’s and reviews from previous dinners and wine tastings as well as information on up coming dinners/tastings and most importantly the ability to book yourself a seat at one of our very special wine events.

Rare Wine Dinners is a fun and relaxed education in fine and rare vintage wines from all over the world. Anyone is able to attend one of our tasting/dinners, we welcome beginners, wine enthusiasts and industry professionals. By sending us a message through our contact page or clicking on one of our subscription links and subscribing we will notify you when new dinners are released for booking.  Places are strictly limited at each tasting and seats often fill very fast. Rare Wine Dinners has many wine friends who return regularly to each event.  After joining us for your first Rare Wine Dinner experience we are sure you too will want to become a regular at these very special wine events.

Who we are

Rare Wine Dinners was founded and is run and co-owned by Shannon Noble. Rare Wine Dinners relays on some very important help and input from a few of its regular attendee’s. Shannon has been interested in and exploring vintage wine for the last 18 years, of which the last 10 have been much more intensive. Shannon is often referred to as Australia’s maestro of vintage wine and has studied under the WSET program. Shannon has a very extensive knowledge of, and experience with aged wine, its care, handling and serving. Shannon is also a collector and great enthusiast of all aged wines with a particular interest in German Riesling, Burgundy and Rioja. Shannon participates in a number of regular wine tasting groups based in Sydney and is the sole person responsible for procuring the wines which sit in the Rare Wine Dinners cellar.

Shannon’s casual yet eloquent approach allows participants to feel comfortable no matter how in depth your knowledge and experience is with wine. Rather than approach the subject with serious wine talk and tasting techniques Shannon guides participants with some basic information or facts on each wine. Shannon allows participants to immerse themselves in their own personal experience with the wines while sharing their thoughts and experiences with the other participants. Overall the most important thing to take away from one of Rare Wine Dinners events is a special wine experience, enjoyment, a new friend or two and perhaps a little more knowledge on aged wines and how they match and can change with food.

Our story so far

It all began in early 2009. After spending the previous 14 years on a vinous journey to discover all that is great and wonderful in the world of wine, I had shared most of my experiences with a few select people and in particular one friend whom is also very passionate about his wine. He was also as equally passionate as I in sharing the experience with like minded people. While sharing a bottle of 1984 Penfolds Grange with this friend I came up with the idea of putting together a number of rare aged wines from our own personal cellars and hosting a dinner.

The idea was simple. Gather a number of select rare and premium wines with good provenance from our cellars. We then offered the opportunity to attend a dinner with these wines on a particular wine enthusiast forum which I had frequented for some time. We add up the cost of the wines and split it by the number of attendee’s. I worked out at the time there had to be a minimum of 10 people to make it worthwhile and no more than 14. To make the occasion more special I decided to engage a restaurant to design a purpose built degustation meal that was matched to the wines and their respective tasting notes.

So the offer was made on the forum and a great debate took place with a number of opinions both positive and negative on the idea put forward. In the end you learn that you can never please everyone and there is always bound to be someone who will disagree or try to discredit your ideas. The most important point to this story is that there was enough positive interest from people for the dinner to go ahead and for first time a number of wine enthusiasts were given the opportunity to try some wines that they may never have the chance to try. At the same time they could share the experience with a group of like minded people and maybe even make some new friends.

Needless to say the dinner went off without a hitch and to great revere. With the first dinner complete there was nothing but positive feedback from all those who attended and encouragement to do it again. It was at this time that I decided to do it again in 12mths time.

The second dinner was held 12mths later and again there was nothing but thanks and positive feedback for the time and effort put into organising and executing the event. It was at this time that some interest had started to generate in my dinner and I decided to make it an annual affair. 12mths later I diversified the wine list to include for the first time predominantly European wines. I found that through word of mouth alone I had more people that wanted to attend then I could offer seats to.

Now with 3 dinners completed I found the group of people interested to attend was growing and I decided it was time to set up a website to record and document the dinners for others to read about and to preserve the experience. While thoroughly enjoying what I was doing/sharing with my new found friends and with the growing demand and development of the website I decided in 2012 that I would attempt to do more than one dinner. My aim was and still is to extend this wine experience and education to as many interested people as I can.

In early 2012 Rare Wine Dinners was born and the website launched. Now with 2012 almost behind us I have executed 4 very successful public dinners and 1 corporate dinner opening people’s minds to some of the wonders of rare and aged wines such including; Italian Barolo and German Riesling. Some of the rare and great wines attendees were fortunate enough to taste in 2012 included: 1950 Chateau Petrus, 1985 Krug, 1953 Staatsweingut Steinberg Edelbeerenauslese, 1961 Chateau Latour a Pomerol, 1964 Joh Jos Prum Auslese, 1971 Enrico Serafino Barolo, 1929 Chateau D’Yquem, 1949 Richebourg and the list goes on.

In 2013 Rare Wine Dinners organised its first Riesling only event as part of the calendar for Summer of Riesling 2013. This dinner looked at 4 decades of aged German Riesling and gave participants a rare opportunity to try perfectly aged German Riesling from some of the greatest vintages of last century. An Aussie Icon wine dinner gave participants a chance to try 1976 Grange the only Grange to be awarded 100 points by the might Robert Parker Jnr. Who could forget the amazing evening of Burgundy in May 2013 with impeccable examples stretching back as far as 1919 and with 1928 La Tache. Not to mention the original Rare Wine Dinner that started it all held in July with 1928 Chateau Lafite Rothschild and 1945 Schloss Johannisberg Riesling. In 2013 Rare Wine Dinners held it first dinner in Perth. In 2014 our first dinner was held in Melbourne and a collaboration with Transtherm-Vintec saw us present our first dinners in Brisbane and Adelaide for Vintec Cellar Club members.

To reserve your seat at one of our future events all you need to do is visit our website and book. To be notified of future events as soon as they are released for booking all you need to do is click on the subscribe link on our website. Then make sure you add our email address to your contact list so our future emails don’t go straight to your spam folder.

Special thanks

Supporting Rare Wine Dinners on its quest is a small group of talented individuals who through their love of wine lend their personal expertise to help make the Rare Wine Dinners experience whole. Without these people the Rare Wine Dinners experience would not be what it is at each and every event so it is important to me that we give thanks and credit to these individuals and continue to recognise their efforts. Those people are Tim of TimIT for his work putting together the booklets for each dinner. Jeremy of Ensofoto for the detailed photo’s of each of the wines and David for his photos and assistance with the website. Lastly it is also the tireless effort from our new in-house sommelier Greg Murphy.

We believe the key to the growing success of Rare Wine Dinners has been the ability to carefully procure and present each and every wine in as close to perfect condition as possible. To do this not only does it take a great deal of time, effort, research and knowledge on the part of the Rare Wine Dinners founder, it is also Rare Wine Dinners friends in Europe who are constantly supplying wines from theirs and friends cellars then carefully storing them before preparing and shipping them to Australia.