The Food

The menu for each dinner is specifically designed around the group of wines for each tasting with a focus on enhancing the wines and overall experience.  Tasting notes for the wines are given to the restaurant weeks before the dinner to allow the restaurant teams time to prepare the menu.  With wines that are so rare tasting notes are not always available so we provide the restaurant with as much information as possible pertaining to similar wines, the region and varietal in an attempt to match the dish with the wine as closely as possible.  The food is always exceptional and calls for the very best in seasonal and quality ingredients.  It is just as important that the food is of the highest quality when drinking and tasting top tier rare and vintage wines. Our restaurant teams go to great lengths to prepare and deliver the finest ingredients for each and every dish.

The service and attention to detail must also be of the highest standard as this adds to and enhances the overall experience of our Rare Wine Dinners.  Great care is also given to making sure the wines remain the focus and are not overwhelmed by any of the ingredients in each and every dish.  Generally the food is executed as a degustation meal 6 – 8 courses in length with the flavors building as the meal progresses. Special dietary requirements and allergies can also be catered for with prior notice.  Restaurants that have worked with Rare Wine Dinners in the past include: Marque, Becasse, Quarter Twenty One, Arras, Buon Ricordo, Atelier, Baia The Italian, Steel Bar and Grill, Lamonts, Pure South and 1912. For further information on food and menu’s please contact us via our contact page.