Aussie Icons Wine Dinner 2013

Aussie Icons Wine Dinner 2013

This Rare Wine Dinner takes us back to where it all began in 2009 with a dozen premium vintage Australian icon wines and 12 wine enthusiasts for a specially prepared and matched degustation dinner. This time we have decided to focus the Australian theme on not only the wine but also the produce used to prepare each course in the degustation meal including many native Australian products. Then to top it off we are hosting this dinner in a very special venue known as Studio Neon in Waterloo Sydney. To make the occasion even more special we are again including the phenomenal 1976 Penfolds Grange Hermitage, the only Grange to receive a perfect score of 100pts from the mighty Robert Parker Jnr one of the world’s leading authorities on wine. This wine was nothing short of a show stopper the night it was opened back in 2009. We are also including another wine from that evening, the 1995 Leeuwin Art Series Chardonnay arguably Australia’s best Chardonnay but this time in Magnum format to ensure the wine is as fresh and powerful as it was in 2009.

This will be a celebration of Australian Wine and Food icons like no other that has come before it. For the very first time each of the wines will be showing their full potential just the way the winemaker intended them to after many years in the cellar. You will start the evening off with a good full size glass of one of Australia’s best sparkling wines, the House of Arras Vintage Brut. To many this is the closest to French Champagne as any Australian sparkling wine has ever been. A true Australian premium sparkling wine that is good enough to rival any sparkling wine from anywhere in the world and a true Australian icon. After an introduction to wines of the evening we move straight onto the another Australian Icon wine from legendary wine maker Leo Buring and his 1991 Leonay Riesling, this is one of Australia’s greatest Riesling from a producer that has been making benchmark Australian Riesling for over 5 decades this will be served alongside a 100% Aussie Amuse Bouch to kick the evening into gear.

Moving onto the first course of the night and the first of the wines served in pairs we have two of the great icons from Australian wine making Murray Tyrell of Tyrells winery and his 1994 Hunter Valley Vat 47 Chardonnay and Leeuwin Estate, Margaret River WA and the 1995 Art Series Chardonnay. These two wines are both distinctly different styles of Chardonnay wine making that cover Australia from east coast to west coast. This is premium aged Australian Chardonnay and two clear icons of the Australian wine landscape. Next we move to the first of the reds for the evening with one of Tasmania’s most well known and top winery’s Pipers Brook. From Pipers Brook we will be tasting the 1991 estate Pinot Noir while not a premium wine so to speak it is one of Australia’s most well known Pinot Noirs and this example shows just how well it can age and deliver well above its price point in the world of Pinot Noir.

No one knows better than Australians that when it comes to any Aussie icon wine the first thing that comes to mind for most people is red wine. So it is no surprise that this dinner now moves straight to the big red wine styles that make up so many of our Aussie wine icons both here and around the world. First up is a flight of vintage Cabernet Sauvignon. The first of these two wines is one of Australia’s most iconic Cabernets from one of our most well known producers Wynn’s 1988 John Riddoch Cabernet Sauvignon. Without doubt this wine is in a league of its own when we talk about South Australian Cabernet and it has a long proud history dating back to 1982. The second Cabernet Sauvignon we are not going to reveal, instead we are going to serve it blind on the night and see if any of you can tell us which or whose wine this is. From here we move to the famous Australian blend known to many as Cab/Shiraz. This wine is a true Australian icon, we love it and the French ridicule us for it.  Here we will be presenting two of the top Cab/Shiraz blends from top producers and equally top vintages, the 1990 Yalumba Signature and the 1994 Penfolds Bin 389 both the producers, the wines and the vintages should need no introduction.

Where else would we be next than of course with two glasses of fabulous Australian Shiraz quite possibly Australia’s most loved wine. These premium icon Shiraz should need no introduction. Penfolds 1994 St Henri this has been an Australian wine icon for over 50yrs and is without doubt considered an Australian icon wine in just about every corner of the globe. The second Shiraz is from Wynn’s and this time it is the bold, rich and impressive 1990 Wynn’s Michael Shiraz. This is a truly impressive wine that is right at its peak.  Now it is time for the pinnacle of the evening and probably Australia’s most well known and consistent super premium icon wine, Penfolds Grange Hermitage. This wine will be served on its own as it deserves your full attention. Most importantly we will be tasting one of the greatest Grange vintages of all time, 1976. This is rare opportunity to try this unique and world class Australian icon wine and what is quite possibly the best wine ever produced under the Grange label in the last 60+ years. This wine is worth the price of your ticket alone.

After reaching such wine heights the room should now be filled with smiles from ear to ear and hearts full of wine glee. To end the evening we have chosen one of Australia’s greatest ever contributions to the world of wine. That contribution is the fortified wines of Rutherglen and in this instance tonight it is the Morris of Rutherglen Old Premium Liqueur Muscat. These wines are truly in a class of their own. Too often these wines are over looked and undervalued in Australia but they are excellent examples of this unique Australian fortified style and a true Aussie icon, the perfect way to end an evening of rare and superbly good premium Australian icon wines.

Studio Neon
136 Raglan St
Waterloo NSW

Sparkling Wine

2004 House of Arras, Vintage Brut, Tas


1991 Leo Buring, Leonay, Eden Valley, Riesling, SA


1994 Tyrells, Vat 47, Chardonnay, NSW
1995 Leeuwin Estate, Art Series, Chardonnay, WA (from Magnum)

Pinot Noir

1991 Pipers Brook, Estate Pinot Noir, Tas

Cabernet Sauvignon

1988 Wynn’s, John Riddoch, Cabernet Sauvignon, SA
????? Blind Wine ?????


1990 Yalumba, The Signature, SA
1994 Penfolds, Bin 389, SA


1990 Wynn’s, Michael, Shiraz, SA
1994 Penfolds, St Henri, Shiraz, SA


1976 Penfolds, Grange Hermitage, Shiraz, SA
Consistently one of the most awesome wines ever made at Grange. I have had this wine six separate times, every time rating it between 96 and 100. It had a phenomenal showing at Penfolds’ Magill Estate. The wine massive, full-bodied, and to me, the quintessential Grange. Notes of blackberry liqueur intermixed with cassis, charcoal, new saddle leather, and underbrush resonate from the glass. Huge, thick, unctuously textured, with extraordinary concentration but perfect harmony among all of its elements, this is a prodigious Grange that is still not fully mature. A legend for sure! 100/100 RP Jr. 2002


MV Morris of Rutherglen, Old Premium, Liqueur Muscat, VIC


 Studio Neon restaurant team will be designing a special Native Australian degustation meal to complement the wines and assist us on our Aussie icon food and wine journey.  To reserve your seat for this once in a life time Aussie icon Rare Wine experience please click the ‘Buy Now’ link below before they are all gone.