Sydney Rare Wine Dinner 2012

Sydney Rare Wine Dinner 2012

Relive the night

Relive the night

It’s time once again for the original annual Rare Wine Dinner. This time i have exhausted my contacts and searched some of the great private cellars open to me to present yet another dinner of incredible wine rarities from some of the greatest names in wine history. This eclectic line up of old, great and rare wines span some of the very best vintages of the last century.

1985 Krug Vintage, Champagne, France
Classic in balance, harmony and flavour this is what Krug is all about. Displays a fantastic combination of mature flavors and plush texture, with a sense of freshness and vibrancy that elevates it well above the outstanding level.

1979 Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame, Champagne, France
Flowing with chocolate, honey, nuts, cheese and huge fruit of matured apples. Very consistent through the years. A real diamond. An absolutely fabulous grand mature Champagne.

1953 Staatsweinguter, Kiedricher Grafenberg, Auslese, Rheingau, Germany
Lovely old mature Auslese Riesling from one of the top Rheingau producers, made with fruit from the same famous vineyard site that has bought so much attention and fame to the sweet wines of Robert Weil. This is top end Rheingau Riesling from one of the best and rarest vintages of last century.

1976 Langwerth Von Simmern, Eltviller Sonnenberg, Auslese, Rheingau, Germany
A super vintage for German Riesling and Langwerth Von Simmern is one of the top prestigious estates steeped in 600 years of wine making tradition and brilliance. Deep Amber in color. Deep and unctuous on the palate with quince and apricot in abundance, citrus, ginger and spice notes meld to form a complex almost smoky palate. Weighty and languorous mouth feel that coats every corner of the palate. Stunning!

1978 Ramonet, Chassagne Montrachet, 1er Cru Les Ruchottes, Burgundy, France
A top vintage in burgundy and definitely the best of the 70’s. This is Ramonet, put simply one of the finest producers of white Burgundy on the planet. Lovely Gold in color. Fantastic, unusual aromas including honey, masses of citrus fruit. Revealing an intense and smooth full body, loaded with citrus and mainly grapefruit, combined with delicate doses of honey and minerality. Outstanding acidity combined with masses of complex fruitiness.

1962 Masson Dubois, Meursault Charmes, Burgundy, France
1962 was a great vintage for the white wines of Burgundy and this Meusault should prove a very interesting experience indeed. Lovely golden yellow in colour this bottle appears to be in very nice condition.

1964 & 1967 Enrico Serafino, Barbaresco Riserva (Magnums), Roero Piedmont, Italy
Serafino is all about the traditions of older style Italian wine making with the utmost attention to detail. Traditional yes, but really nice, well made wines. Bottles are in Rare Magnum format & in excellent condition. These should be very special wines.

1949 Marey C & Ligier Belair, Richebourg Grand Cru, Burgundy, France
From what Broadbent calls the Burgundy Vintage of the Century! This is pure classic characteristic Grand Cru Burgundy. Who’d like a unicorn from Burgundy? Two of the oldest and most respected winemaking families from Burgundy have made a legendary 1949 Richebourg. Marey-Monge, the owner of the Romanee St. Vivant vineyard from 11th century to 1988, and the Clos de Tart vineyard, teamed up with the family of the Comtes de Ligier-Belair, the owners of Chateau Vosne-Romanée and including the vineyard, La Romanée to produce this landmark once in a lifetime experience Richebourg. Last years 47 Musigny from the same producers was out of control good will this Richebourg top it?

1961 Chateau Montrose, Bordeaux, France
Full, deep red-ruby. Classic St. Estephe aromas of smoky red fruits, minerals, olive and bitter chocolate. Flavors are fully mature, but this powerfully structured wine has elevated acidity and the grip of steel. Slightly decadent marzipan sweetness on the back palate. This is classic old-styled claret steeped in a tradition of wine making that has all but disappeared these days. This is a 1961 vintage benchmark claret of the finest Grand Cru origins.

1929 Chateau Abel Laurent, Margaux, Bordeaux France
Today Chateau Abel Laurent is part of Chateau Margaux after being acquired sometime in the early 1950’s. This bottle has a Ginestet label and i have found that the Abel Laurent was a vineyard now within Chateau Margaux that was owned by the Ginestet family before they acquired the whole of Chateau Margaux.

1953 Staatsweinguter, Steinberger, Edelbeerenauslese, Rheingau, Germany
One could call this wine “Germany’s answer to Yquem” the rarest and richest of all German sweet Riesling wines. Hessiche Staatsweinguter Kloster Ederbach is one of the top Rheingau producers and the Steinberger vineyard is their most famous vineyard. This is top class rarest of rare Riesling, according to Broadbent: Warm orange gold, peach blossom fragrance, almost overpoweringly rich, delicious, pure butterscotch flavour, great length, excellent acidity with the honey of bottle age (five stars)

1961 Chateau Coutet, Bordeaux, France
Deep orange gold Sauternes. Very refined nose with apricots, marjoram and botrytis spice. Quite big on the palate and a touch rough and ready, though that adds to its interest. There’s lovely balance and a very fine acidity noticeable on the finish.
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Saturday 14th July 2012 (Bastille Day)
Arras Restaurant
204 Clarence St, Sydney


1985 Krug
1979 Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame


1953 Staatsweinguter Kiedricher Grafenberg Auslese
1976 Langwerth Von Simmern Eltviller Sonnenberg Auslese


1978 Ramonet Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Le Ruchottes
1962 Masson Dubois Meursault Charmes


1964 Enrico Serafino
1967 Enrico Serafino


1949 Marey C & Ligier Belair Richebourg Grand Cru


1961 Chateau Montrose
1929 Chateau Abel Laurent (Ch. Margaux)


1953 Staatsweinguter Steinberger Edelbeerenauslese


1961 Chateau Coutet
1929 Chateau D’Yquem

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